Arriba! Salsas and Dips from Riba Foods

Choice Salsas

Gourmet Mexican the easy way–Arriba! Choice Salsas

Enjoy the exotic flavors of Arriba! Choice Salsas– Delicious as a dip or an incredible ingredient in so many authentic Mexican recipes. Made with Fresh Fire Roasted Tomatoes... Tomatillos... Mangos…
Olives… Corn... Avocados

Try our award-winning Green or our California-inspired salsas.

Arriba! Salsas and Dips


Arriba! Fire-roasted Green Salsas
Our Green Salsas are a unique combination of fire-roasted green tomatoes, tomatillos, a special blend of serrano peppers and cilantro providing a taste that is unmatched.

Arriba! Mango Salsa
We combine mangos, berries, tomatoes, onions and jalapeño peppers and fire roast them to perfection for an unbelievable salsa with a sweet mango flair.

Arriba! Avocado Salsa
A combination of avocado, green tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, jalapeño and select spices make our avocado salsa sure to satisfy any avocado craving.

Arriba! Tres Olives Salsa
This salsa combines three kinds of olives, tomatoes, green chiles, and a special blend of serrano peppers, for an exceptional salsa with a truly unique flavor.

Arriba! Corn & Lime Salsa
A great addition to the Arriba! Choice Salsas line. We’ve taken roasted corn, blended it with fresh lime juice, and then add fresh tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and onions and fire roast them over an open flame.